Sao Felix Baiano - Reconcavo

Folk Art

The Recôncavo possesses a wide repertoire of folk art of widely differing quality. The woodcarvers of Cachoeira and the potters of Maragojipinho are also famous outside the region, and some naïve painters work in towns like Cachoeira and Santo Amaro.

However, it is not that easy to find exceptional pieces because there is no central market, such as Salvador’s Mercado Modelo, specializing in handicrafts. The pieces on sale in small galleries or hotels are frequently only mediocre in terms of creative expression. One has to look around and ask, or keep one’s eyes peeled when visiting the markets in the larger towns, because the everyday objects can sometimes conceal little treasures, such as finest-quality handmade hammocks that one would be unlikely to find in Salvador.

Leather goods such as bags, shoes and wallets in a wide variety of shapes and designs can also be rather special. Many of the raffia baskets offered at all the markets are also very skilfully woven. The children of the region also use scrap metal to lovingly recreate all kinds of objects, such as cars, pictures of carnival scenes and scenes of everyday life in the Recôncavo.

Jewelry made of natural seeds is extremely popular at the moment. This natural jewelry is available as necklaces or bracelets. The seeds can be miniscule or the size of a thumbnail. Antiques, which are not such a rarity in the once wealthy Recôncavo, are not popular art in the conventional sense. There are antique shops in Santo Amaro, Cachoeira or on the road coming into Cruz das Almas. With a little luck you might also find tiles dating from colonial times there.