Sao Felix Baiano - Sao Felix

São Félix

Brazilian roots

When company founder Geraldo Dannemann established his cigar factory in the Brazilian province of Bahia in 1872, he set his sights on São Félix.

Located directly on the bank of the Rio Paraguaçu, the town offered – and continues to offer – several advantages. São Félix is the gateway to a centuries-old tobacco-growing region known as the Recôncavo. At the heart of this region lies the micro-region known as Mata Fina. Across the river from São Félix lies Cachoeira, a town with an outstanding infrastructure. In those days the Rio Paraguaçu was the best trading route to the capital, Salvador da Bahia, from where the cigars and tobacco were shipped to Europe.

São Félix remains “Dannemann City,” the home of the internationally prestigious DANNEMANN brand, to this day. This heritage can be seen at the CENTRO DANNEMANN, the cultural center and with its cigar factory. It is housed in the first building used by Geraldo Dannemann. It was completely restored in the 1980's and has been one of the biggest tourist attractions in the entire Recôncavo ever since.

The Town Hall, the railway bridge and numerous buildings in São Félix are further legacies of the cigar pioneer, whose company was awarded the title of “Imperial Tobacco Factory” by the Emperor of Brazil at the time. The inhabitants of São Félix remain proud of this distinction, and of the historic visit of Emperor Dom Pedro II connected with it.

After Mata Fina cigar tobacco is processed, some of it ends up in São Félix. Even in Geraldo Dannemann's day, São Félix was home to accomplished charuteiras (cigar rollers) who would help him build his business and the international reputation of the DANNEMANN brand.

What started in 1872 is still very much alive today. In the original company building, romantically located directly on the riverbank, long-filler cigars continue to be rolled by experienced hands. And the product of these experienced hands continues to delight cigar connoisseurs all over the world.